Cry for England
Author: Al Stravinsky
Oh dear lady, where now your pride?
And where your dignity?
Once you held your head high and faced the world,
But your power is gone with the glory.
Now you sit forlorn in borrowed dress,
Surrendering all the victories you've won -
I could cry for England to see what you've become.

Fearsome was your reputation,
Boundless was your greed,
Built your empire in the name of God
With the shame of slavery.
And in your domain's eternal day
You taught the world both how to work and how to play -
Now I could cry for England to hear the things they say.

I was born in your bewildered isle,
I came by boat and train, I flew;
To tower block, council house, sleepy town,
Inner city, mews and palace too.
I search for my place in this new world, for my identity,
Still I feel your spirit calling me;
And your flag flies in my heart wherever I may roam,
And I cry for England 'cos England is my home.