Let go
Author: Al Stravinsky
There's a story I once heard about a girl who, like a bird,
Used to soar with the clouds free and high.
She'd cling to her balloon that, like the rising full moon,
Floated up into a clear, azure sky.
The green earth turned below her as the crowd's cries blew away,
She knew she'd found the perfect place, but knew she could not stay.
She loosened her grip, let her hands slip, Surrendered to this paradise she'd found.
She fell and fell until a silken white cloud billowed up above her,
And carried her gently to the ground.
In monochrome she stands alone as flash-powder flares,
Her words are clipped and simple when they ask how she dares...
Is she scared?

All I have to do is let go,
And there's no need for fear 'cause I know
The cycle will complete, I'll always land on my feet -
All I have to do is let go.

There are many ways to fly, and many more to fall,
And you don't need to try them all.
If you're holding onto something, or someone,
Just because you're scared of what might be below
This I know...
All you have to do is let go,
All you have to do is let go.