Your face
Author: Al Stravinsky
Verse 1
Your lovely face burned its image on my eye,
So when the earth turns her back on the sun in the sky,
And I in turn, turn out the light,
Eyes open or shut, wherever I look,
Your lovely face smiling for me.

Verse 2
Your crystal voice carved a spiral groove in my mind,
So when the last train slowly rumbles away into the night,
And the last strains of this day fade away,
I hear the sweet sound 'round and around,
As your crystal voice plays inside me.

Middle 8
Your kiss, oh your kiss
Has captured my soul and swallowed me whole;
I am yours in every sense,
With all my senses...

Verse 3
Your gentle touch seared a trail across my skin,
So all the world will know where you end and begin;
And with each breath I breathe you in:
Simple things that you do bind me to you:
Your touch (burning),
Your voice (ringing),
And your lovely face smiling for me.