If only
Author: Al Stravinsky
Verse 1
Never a day goes by when I don't think of you.
As time steals away I've so much still to say to you
That would make you smile, brighten up your day;
I see the beauty within and I miss you -
If only you knew.

Verse 2
As I play my guitar I sing each song for you.
When I'm driving my car I'm coming home to you.
Everything that I see I find I look through your eyes
To see the beauty within only you know -
If only you knew.

Middle 8
Outside everything is good and life engages me,
Inside I am somewhere else the only place I'm free,
Here's where you and I can live the way it ought to be.
Sometimes when I wake up I don't know which world I'm in,
Feel your arms around me and your breath upon my skin -
If only you knew...

I pick up the phone, will I hear your voice?
If you asked me today could I make the choice
To have you here in my life? But the chance has died,
So has the beauty within only you know -

...If only you knew...

Every day that I live I'll see the look in your eyes,
Feel the touch of your hand, hear the sound of your voice,
See the beauty within, and I'll miss you,
If only you knew...