In the next life
Author: Al Stravinsky
Verse 1
In the next life I'll be deep,
I'll write sonnets in my sleep,
Take photos fit to keep,
Have wise words on my grave...

I won't stare at the sun 'til it goes blue,
I may even see your point of view,
I'll pay my bills before they're due
With money that I've saved.

Half chorus
I won't waste time in the next life, I won't be a fool again.

In the next life I won't drink or smoke,
I might not even be a bloke,
Won't laugh if I don't get the joke -
Not that I ever do so.

And five to one says I'll be gay,
But what's it matter anyway
If I sing like Freddie Mercury
Or paint a Michaelangelo?

I can't wait for the next life, I will cast away my fear
Of losing face in the next life; will you let me out of here?

In the next life I won't lose my hair -
Or if I do then I won't care,
I'll take a taxi everywhere,
And live out my dreams.

I will learn to skate and dance,
And make hay when I get the chance,
Yes I'll take love without romance
And say just what I mean...

Middle 8
I won't hide,
I'll face the consequences,
I'll be good inside,
I won't need these defences.

Verse 4
In the next life I'll be born again,
I'll use two tenths of my brain,
If the food is awful I'll complain,
I won't compromise.

I'll accept each invitation,
Check out every inclination,
Resist everything, except temptation,
I'll not plagiarise.

I can't wait for the next life, there'll be time to stand and stare;
And I'll recycle in the next life, can you smell the sweet fresh air?

In the next life I will run
Soon as I hear the starting gun,
Won't stop until the race is won,
No more the hare I'll be.

I won't lie or cheat or steal,
I'll concentrate behind the wheel,
I won't wear high heels
'Cos fashion will follow me.

Middle 8/Coda
I won't speed,
I won't talk behind you,
I won't be greedy,
If you need me I will find you...