You Explode
Author: Al Stravinsky
Verse 1
Here I sit...deep in thought...needing no-one...
My coffee goes cold...the river shines...bridges, boats and streetlights...
I'm deep in folded by the breeze...I close my eyes...
I hold my breath -

Chorus 1
You explode into my life in a blaze of hair and smiles,
I jump and knock the table, spill the coffee on the paper
And you say: 'Can I sit here a while?'

Verse 2
I wake dry your hair...look out at the river...
You're deep in thought...I watch you're beautiful...
The curtain stirs...the open window lets in the're beautiful...
I close my eyes ---

Chorus 2
You explode into my face in a blaze of hair and smiles,
I forget myself, where I have to be,
And who I am ,well who I used to be,
And you say: 'Won't you hold me a while?'.

Middle 8
But I must fly, a year goes by, and everyday I crave that day,
Your smile, your laugh; a photograph can't duplicate the love we made:
It germinates the seed of pain of losing that you planted in me.
Everyday I sit and dream, and everyday I hone the scene.

Verse 3
Here I sit...appearing to be deep in coffee goes cold...
My faded paper not quite right...another river...another continent
I move the paper...just the make...the magic work again...
I close my eyes...all is still...

Chorus 3
You explode into my mind in a blaze of hair and smiles,
I jump and knock the table, worried faces blur together,
Birds and buildings wheel above me,
Spill the coffee on the paper, and my life, my life onto the pavement...