It's over
Author: Al Stravinsky
Verse 1

The silence cries and silent tears well over (it's over),
I let you into every cell, never again my love.
Too scared to choose you took the route of lovers, world over -
The path of lies, now time has come to tell the story true.

Verse 2

You left the feast to chase the beast through clover (it's over),
To seek the thrill, pursue the kill, the way that hunters do.
If anger bled my eyes to red the hunters would be my prey,
But no victory hides there for me, only pain anew.

Middle 8

You turn to me, I dry your eyes,
Every time he takes you apart
I fix you up,
Every time it breaks my heart.

Verse 3

Your brave bright future turned to dust, it's over (it's over)
The plans were all inside your head, and never in his heart.
To break his word or family asunder? No wonder
He took the path away from you, back to the life he knew.


So here we stand you promise me it's over,
Take my hand, let's see if we can find another way.