© 2010
you were sending waves into my brain
some sort of telepathic game
trying to make my neurons fire away
rerouting all of my thought pathways

you stabbed me right in the heart
and I'll never forget it
you're one timeless work of art
why was i your target?

you drone on through the daze
you know that i know this
i'm walkin right into your haze
it's blinding and hopeless

and you'll try to make me do your will
then you'll dump me out when you've had your fill
just like a creature going in for the kill
and that's a pretty bitter tasting pill

you controlled me right from the start
will i ever escape it?
tranquilizing me with your dart
don't know if I'll make it

on and on you float through the daze,
and I know that you don't miss
i'm walkin right into your cage
corrupted and heartless

you drone on through the daze