(Inside Parentheses)
© 2005 New School Records
Author: Makeshift3
Why have we become so blind?
The fear of looking deep inside
Feeble minds must crawl
A vocal judgment slashed
Another tear has crashed
On this heart has caused all pain
One can hide a tear
The other cries in fear
Blood's bleeding from the eyes
Bleeding from the eyes
I know you want it right this time
What you say, turns away
You've shown me how to live this life
We need you, don't let me stray
Throw a word in the air
As it's thrown back to you
Reflecting your heart
It comes back to your eyes
Eyes are burned
Minds can't learn
Don't say a word this time
Never say it is fine
Never right
Throw the cards, they're trashed
All the hearts are smashed
In a crying world displayed
He would bear our tears
Sins just sits in smears
Cleansing our souls 'till we die
Our souls 'till we die
Let me wash away this time
Leave me to gather what is mine