Irish Sky
© 2005 New School Records
Author: Makeshift3
Take all the times, I wonder about you
Please give me just one chance, deliverance
To tell you one last thing
I see you in my dreams
You're going home
I wish that I could see
Your face once more
Irish sky, rising tonight, all those signs
Breathing life at it's full, praising God with each blink
The best that you can is better than you think
And when we stared to the sky we saw a star fall and rise
God took this time for you to shine so much brighter now in the Irish sky
Glorified, rising tonight, born to die
There's one scarred in Heaven, sacrifice that bleeds true
With holes in your hands, you'll not let me slip through
Glorified, in your eyes
Irish sky, in your eyes
With the greatest love, He has engraved your name
Exalted high above to carry all our blame
I know that I will wait, I know I'll wait for you
You have embraced this night and helped to get me through
Stare at the sky, wait for a sign
Blink of an eye, this Irish night
Stare at the sky, wait for a sign
Blink of an eye, on this Irish night