Six Hours to Phoenix
© 2005 New School Records
Author: Makeshift3
It's the thought that counts, but what's inside your mind?
The soundtrack of my heart is just a broken record of my life
Drowning flowers saved, worn out ticket stubs
Memories all stuffed inside a box of someone else's love
The desert sky is burning
This heat is going to kill me here and I know when you're near I'm dying
Although we sit in silence
The sound of nothing is as painful as to face each day without you
And with that I'm branded, the burning singe of heartache
You've written, I've listened, the ink has dried from your pen, only God knows the end
Dying slowly, waiting quickly, I have missed this moment clearly
Patient now, waiting here, I now know...the time is near
I've waited for this moment
And now I see the wait for you is just a wait that should be lifted
I'm listening like Malchus
I tried to pay attention but it cost too much and now I am broke
Burning, heartache
Drowning, silence
I'm waiting, keep praying, and listen for wisdom