© 2005 New School Records
Author: Makeshift3
This ledge is growing small, the slants increased its grade
The glass reflects my heart, windows, boarded
A shard has cut my palm, I'm slipping off this wall
One step, lost life, I can't hold on too long
I'm letting go, to all those who could not give me all that I know you are
I'm holding on, to all the dreams and visions you drew upon my heart
I'm seeking answers now, afraid of what I'll hear
I've tried to get inside, shut out, closed off
My grip is slipping fast, held strong on the weakest ground
Cornered, falling, how did I end up here?
The way you took the way I see the way you changed what I seek
The way you took my hand, helped me to understand
How can I hide? How can I keep the truth locked inside of me?
How can I try to ignore when you cried with me before?
Here we are forever, as the rain and tears have blend together...
I try to live through you