Affliction of the Girl
© 2005 New School Records
Author: Makeshift3
Forty million just all stare into our eyes
And now our failure is too clear, the cold apprise
Shadows cast much beyond what you'll ever know
You deserve more than that which you've been told
You're not alone...
Moments quickening here now, motion inside
A choice previously found, with who in mind?
In this wishing well, a coin of farewell
Sinking here, one wish next year
But no one celebrates just to know that a heart so soft
Can break so simply
In Heaven, all prepared, with forty million questions
Always, always know
There is, there is hope
For just, for just once
To make, to make this, to make this true
There will come a day, we're staring face to face
And trying to run away, no longer is the case