Nine Year Love Story
© 2005 New School Records
Author: Makeshift3
This love has taken all of me whole
Forever it stays in my soul
Watching out for each other now
You bring me my life each time you're around
You're always there to show me
Dry off the tears so I see
Every time I fall
I know you're there to catch me
You are always here
Wash away my fears
Bringing back the light
You always make things clearer
It's raining, tears of joy on my heart
Soaking them in feel the pierce of a dart
Arrow thrown from your hand
It catches my side as I fall in the sand
This is love on my heart
Growing everyday
Don't let it go away
Let it all fall in place
Living for today
It will never go away
Every time I turn around
The breeze falls onto my skin
As it softly whispers gentle words from your mouth
Then I realized you've always been with me there in my heart
Those brown eyes set my mind with memories of you
This time we spent draws me closer to you
I cry love for you
Since the day that we have met
Everyday draws me that much closer to you
I want to be right by your side