The Darkest Night of the Soul
© 2005 New School Records
Author: Makeshift3
The moon has quit this night, I'll wait for you, Ignite my path Lord
Burning my heart again with you, Son Light...
Shine down upon those things not seen, in faith, a hope of substance
To lead with evidence of home securely
Lights out, blacked out, light sound
The darkest night has settled in
Lights out, blacked out, light sound
The nails in your hand and the hammer in mine
I learned to crawl, you blessed my walk, I'd slip, and start to stumble
You caught me every time I'd fall, safety...
Now that I've grown you lead the way and now I run to keep up
I've fallen so far behind in darkness
My yoke is weight down by my sin, I'm blinded to this redemption
Give my life into this, turn around to face this redemption