She Has an Eye (Jones 1609 Tk2
© Patrick T. Connolly
Author: Shakespeare?/Robert Jones
Modern English - December 19, 2009

She has an eye, ah me, ah me,
She has an eye, ah me, to see,
Ah me that she has too
Which makes me sigh as lovers do, hey hoe, hey hoe
Hey hoe, ah me, that an eye
Should make her live and me to die.
Wise men's eyes are in their mind,
But lovers eyes are ever blind.
She has a lip, ah, ah, alas,
Two lips which do themselves surpass,
Alas two lips for kisses,
Of earthly love that heavenly blisses, hey hoe, hey hoe
Alas, oh woe that a heaven,
Should make us odds that make all even.
Ladies kisses are a charm,
That kill us ere they do us harm.
She hath a heart, ah me, ah me,
A heart she has which none can see,
Ah me that I have none,
Which makes me sigh, yea sighing grone, hey hoe, hey hoe
Hey hoe, aye me, that I part,
And live, yet leave with her my heart.
Heartless men may live by love,
This she does know and this I prove.