In Sherwood, RobinHood(Shakespeare1609#XIX.
© Patrick T. Connolly
Author: Will Shakespeare & Robert Jones
In Sherwood lived stout Robin Hood
Music by Robert Jones - Words likely by William Shakespeare

In Sherwood lived stout Robin Hood
An Archer great none greater.
His bow & shafts were sure & good,
Yet Cupid's were much better
Robin could shoot at many a Heart and miss,
Cupid at first could hit a heart of his,
Hey jolly Robin.
Hoe jolly Robin
Hey jolly Robin Hood.
Love finds out me
As well as thee
To follow me
To the green wood.

A noble thief was Robin Hood,
Wise was he could deceive him,
Yet Marrian in his bravest mood,
Could of his heart bereave him,
No greater thief lies hidden under skies.
Then beauty closely lodged in women's eyes.
Hey jolly Robin.

An Out-law was this Robin Hood,
His life free and unruly,
Yet to fair Marrian bound he stood
And loves debt paid her duely.
Whom curb of stricktest law could not hold in,
Love with obedience and a wink could win.
Hey jolly Robin.