Soft Cupid Tk3 (Jones 1610 ii
© Patrick T. Connolly
Author: Robert Jones
Soft Cupid soft, there is no haste,
For all vnkindnesse gone and past,
Since thou wilt needs forsake me so,
Let vs parte friendes, before thou goe.

Still shalt thou haue my heart to vse,
When I cannot otherwise chuse,
My life thou mayst command Saunce doubt,
Command I say and goe with out.

And if that I doe euer proue,
False and vnkind to gentle Loue
Ile not desire to liue a day,
Nor any longer then I may.

Ile daily blesse the little God
But not without a smarting rod,
Wilt thou still vnkindly leaue mee,
Now I pray God all ill goe with thee.

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