Lead by a strong desire (Iones 1600
© Patrick T. Connolly
Author: Robert Jones

Lead by a strong desire
To have a thing unseen,
Nothing could make me tire
To be, to be, to be where as I had been.
I got her sight, which made me think
My thirst was gone because I saw my drink.

Kept by the careful watch
Of more than hundred eyes,
I sought but could on catch
The thing, the thing, the thing she not denies. 6
'Tis better to be blind and fast
Than, hungry, see thy love and can not taste.

But lovers' eyes do wake
When others are at rest;
And in the night they slake
The fire, the fire, the fire of day's unrest.
Methinks that joy is of most worth
Which painful Time and passed fears bring forth.

Yet husbands do suppose
To keep their wives by art,
And parents will disclose
By looks, by looks, by looks their children's heart.
As if they which have will to do
Had not the wit to blind such keepers too.

Peace then, ye aged fools,
That know yourselves so wise,
That from experience schools
Do think, do think, do think wit must arise.
Give young men leave to think, and say:
Your senses with your bodies do decay.

Love ruleth like a god,
Whom earth keeps not in awe,
Nor fear of smarting rod
Denounced , denounced, denounced by reason��s law.
Give grave advice, but rest you there.
Youth hath his course and will; and you youths were.

Think not by prying care
To pick love��s secrets out;
If you suspicious are
Yourselves, yourselves, yourselves resolve your doubt.
Who seek to know such deeds once done
Finds perjury before confession.