How many new years (Jones1610/viii Tk4,3&7 comple
© Patrick T. Connolly
Author: Anonymous words /Robert Jones music
VIII. How many new years have grow'n old

How many new yeares have grown old,
Since first your servant old was new,
How many long hours have I told,
Since first my love was vowed to you,
And yet alas, She doeth not know
Whether her servant. love or no.

How many walls as white as Snow,
And windowes cleaere as any glass,
Have I conjured to tell you so,
Which faithfully performed was,
And yet you'll swear you do not know,
Whether your servant love or no.

How often hath my pale lean face,
With true Characters of my love,
Petitioned to you for grace,
Whom neither sighs nor tears can move,
O cruell yet doe you not know,
Whether your servant love or no?

And wanting oft a better token,
I have been faine to send my heart,
Which now your cold disdaine hath broken,
Nor can you healt by any art,
O looke upon't and you shall know,
Whether your servant love or no.