Lost (In Emptiness)
© 2006 Dead Dolls
Author: Dementia Armand
as i wander into twilight
torn asunder, lost in the night
losing my mind in the darkness
what will i find? vast emptiness

coiled sadness lodged in my breast
wandering in endless night
there is no rest from emptiness
as i lose my will to fight

empty inside all by myself
nowhere to hide from this... my hell

i'm lost....lost in emptiess
(lost in emptiess)(x 4)

vacant inside, not much to hide
shadowy and dismal thought
no hidden sight will make all right
how to stop my mind's onslaught?

empty inside all by myself
no place to hide from this.... my hell

coiled sadness tight round my chest
as i walk in blackest night
there is no rest in emptiness
there is no light, where is the light?

in the dark consumed by feeling
lost inside of my own mind
life unfeeling, senses reeling
why can't i leave the past behind?

locked up in my aching heart
memories tear me apart
cradled in my memory
what i do not wish to see
frozen as my empty soul
ringing echo of death's toll

i'm lost....
lost in emptiess (repeat/fade)