Author: Kurt Weill
It's near the end of the world,
My vagabond bark
Wandering at the will of the sea
Leads me one day.
The isle is quite small,
But the fairy that lives there,
Politely invites us
To take a tour.

Youkali, it's the land of our desires,
Youkali, it is happiness, it is pleasure.
Youkali, it is the land where one leaves all their cares.
It is, in our night, like a beacon, the star we follow,
It is Youkali!
Youkali, it is the respect of exchanged vows.
Youkali, it is the land of beautiful, shared love.
It is the hope that is in all human hearts--
The rescue we all wait for.
But it's a dream, a folly. There is no Youkali.

And life drags us--
Banal, tedious.
But the poor human soul
Seeks everywhere oblivion.
To leave the land,
To find the mystery,
Where our dreams are buried
In some Youkali.