© 2016,2010
Author: steve Lieberman
[verse 1]
i got a poor man’s labrador
a shelter puppy, she gives me her paw
with her nose, she can open the door
i rub her belly
and she always
wants more
got a poor man’s labrador.

she runs real quick after cars
can go real fast but not very far
she beg for treats that come from a jar
she listens to me
as i play
in a bar
got a poor man’s labrador.


got a
black lab on duty
just midnite b*ttons
acting the cutie
i think she might
have a.d.d.
but she always treats me
like a

[verse 2]
she got a tongue that runs 7 inches
if she played b*ss, she’d be gene simmons
she comes from a bath
wearing pink ribbons
then she gets all dirty
got a poor man’s labrador.

got me a poor man’s lab
if she could talk she’d call me dad
she’s cute when she’s good
and when she’s bad
little shelter puppy
a poor man’s lab

[verse 3]
when she wags her little stubby tail
i don’t have time for no travail
i think of success when i fail
she barks at the dude
the mail
got a poor man’s labrador.

[in loving memory of midnite b*ttons (2004-2010).
from the alb*m jewish engineer 18]