© 2016
Author: steve Lieberman
We Were Born Between The Wars ( Steve Lieberman-July 2016)
When I was born, Viet-Nam was just another place
On the globe’s Eastern face-
With a brand-new 3rd Race.

But the Tet Offensive struck in my 5th grade:
In junior high, the Cambodia raid
They were still there at the end of the decade---
What did Nixon say?

We shout out ,”Bring the Boys Back Home!
We must stop this war.”
In our local schoolyard protest
Each year, louder than before—
We were born-between the wars.

We were born-between the wars
In a rare time of peace on our shores.
We were too young for Viet-Nam
Too old for Desert Storm.
We were born-between the wars.

Saigon fell in the spring of ‘75
Some of my older friends-in this war-they had died
And the people spit on our boys coming home from the war
In their wheelchairs, their madness and all the gore
Yet each one was a hero—of this tragic war.

When my dad was born, Germany was an evil place
No f-ckin’master race
But a global f-ckin’disgrace.

He was just 14 in 1943
15 in the Invasion of Normandie
16 in the Reichschancellry
Roosevelt said we’ll be here til ‘48—we have to stop the hate.

Then there were no protest cause the war was just
The Nazis were so evil-numbered as the dust
In the Allied powers we trust
My dad would have been there to even the score
But he was born-between the wars.

He was born between the wars
With a fragile peace felt at the core.
To old for world wars 1 and 2
In the postwar economic boom