© 2016
Author: steve Lieberman

I hugged my nurse
Just as my spleen burst
She pulled a medical book from her purse
And she whispered in my ear,
“your disease just got worse”
I hugged my nurse.

8 straight hours in the Cancer Ward
No one will know when I die
Or care I’m so bored.
I lose my mind, I start to curse:
Where the hell’s my nurse?

I hugged my nurse
She hugged me first
And she recited a well-known Biblical verse
As she calls Central Garage
To requisition a hearst.
She hugged me first.

I kissed my practitioner
Right in front of the Commissioner
They took her to a back room to discipline her.
And me, they sent me home with no dinner.
Right in front of the Commissioner.

I *’ed my MD
I didn’t have E.D.
She gave me a 4-hour stiffy
And said she never saw anyone like me.
I *’ed my MD