Randy Stevens - 01. The Little Red House
© Randy Stevens
Author: Randy stevens
The Little Red House
Randy Stevens

I remember the little red house on the hill
With rocks I had found for mamma she put in jars on the window sill
I picked her pretty flowers that I had found
She would place them in the house here and all around
I thought they were the prettiest I ever did seen
But little did I know they came from o’l stink weed

The house that my mamma made home for me
I’de like to be back in my time and see
I know I can’t go back but in my memory
To the house that my mamma made home for me

The house on thunder bird ranch stands out most to me
It is the favorite in my memory
Mamma taught us the bible and how to live well
Times was real hard then but us kids couldn’t tell
With the feeling of love that everyone could see
In that house mamma made home for me

Then there was the house we lived in Akin Road
That’s where we lived when us kids were almost grown
I recall platters of fried fish corn bread and macaroni
With all of us sittin’ round the table as one big happy family

As I look at these walls the kids and my wife
I wonder if there ever come a time in their life
The kids will look back in their memory and see
The house that mamma made home for you and me