Bodie 2008 CD - Memories01
Author: Bonifacio (Bodie) Dominguez
Bodie 9-15-07

It019s the memory of your laughter and the scar above your hip
And the sound that my name made as it lay upon your lips
There019s a million more tomorrows in the whiff of that sweet scent
As you stepped out of the shower with your hair all soaking wet

I remember that first week-end in the cabin by the lake
And how it seemed forever when you were an hour late
That old cabin and the water and your laughter in that place
Now it just seems to me so empty without your sweet embrace

Oh I wonder if you think of me and the pleasures that we shared
Are you sitting down somewhere or do you even care
When the birds all sang for us and the days went by so fast
In my mind I still miss someone in these memories of the past

There019s a million more tomorrows in the memories that we made
And they019re just a few good memories in my mind of yesterdays
Of the people and the places and the all the joys and all the pain
It019s the cabin and the water, your laughter and the rain