Corrido de Jose' Maria Tresierra
© 2007
Author: Bodie
Jose’ Tressierras

My name is Jose’ Tressierra
Best bull-whacker on the Caribou Trail
My wife Josefina and son Pablo
Wait for me at my cabin in Yale

I am a man your history has forgotten
But amigos I have seen it all
Since I left my home in Sonora
Where only mesquite and saguaro grow tall

I walked to the San Joaquin Valley
When I was a skinny young lad
To learn the ways of the Vaquero
I rode all the best horses they had

When Mcloud came south to buy cattle
For Douglas the Hudson Bay boss
We drove a thousand wild cows from the la barranca
North to the Columbia and across

Valenzuela and I rode with a herd to the Snake River
Land of the Great Nez Perce
We wintered our herds on the bunch grass
Tapadero high all the way

Los Indios son muy buen caballeros
But they did not know much about cows
The Scotchmen were sabe’ about cattle
But as horsemen were lacking somehow

So it was that we stayed on to teach them
What a riate and a spade-bit were for
Besides since the Gringos had stolen California
I had no reason to ride south anymore

So when the Caribou was crawling with miners
With many hungry bellies to fill
Valenzuela and I gathered a herd
And pushed north up to Barkerville

Valenzuela now he is a rancher
He will chase cows all of his life
Me I haul freight on this rocky goat track
To make a home for my pretty young wife

But this evening I will work on a bosal
The new riata and mecate’ are done
On the wall of my shack hangs a tree
On the saddle I will build for my son

When my Pablo is a little bit taller
I will take him out hunting for strays
In those wild bench lands west of the Fraser
I will teach him the Vaquero ways