Two Days Old
© 2006
Author: Mike Puhallo/Bodie
Two Days Old
Mike Puhallo
She floats like a feather, such spring in her stride,
The butterfly loses the race,
To the little dun filly, just learning the Joy,
Of the feel of the wind in her face.

Only two days before she first struggled to stand,
on legs so impossibly long...
so wobbly and knobbly, it's hard to believe
how quick they become, straight and strong.

Now she knows how to run, she can buck, kick and wheel.
Race circles and stop on a dime.
Stick a nose in mom's flank, and take on enough fuel,
to do the whole trip one more time

She's just two days old, still finding her legs,
in a meadow, way out in the west.
She's learning the joy, of drinking the wind,
'cause running's what horses do best!