Maria Elena
© 2003
Author: Agustin Lara
Agustin Lara

Tuyo es my corason oh sol de mi querer
Mujer de mi ilusion, mi amor te consagre
Mi vida se enbellese, una esperansa asul
Mi vida tiene un ciello, el que le diste tu

Tullo es mi corason, oh sol de mi querer
Tullo es todo mi ser, tullo es mujer
Lla todo el corason te lo entregue
Eres mi ser, eres mi dios, eres mi amor


Maria Elena you’re the answer to my prayers
Maria Elena Can’t you see how much I care
To me your voice is like the echo of a sigh
And when you’re near my heart can’t speak above a sigh

Maria Elena say that we will never part
Maria Elena take me to your heart
A love like mine is great enough for two

To share this love is really all I ask of you