01. Return to Cheyenne03
© David Wahl
Author: Dave Wahl/Bonifacio Dominguez
Return to Cheyenne
David Wahl

His boss was a big rancher as good as his word
He talked to his young foreman about improving the heard
He said, “ride down to Denver bid on that prize bull”
You might look at some heifers replace cows that we cull

He was young for a foreman but he was a good hand
He soon would be married to his girl Marry Anne
She said, “make your stay in Denver as short as you can
I will long for the moment you return to Cheyenne

The stockyard at Denver had fine cattle to sell
And bidders with pockets as deep as a well
The bull sold too high and the hour was late
When he bought some good heifers for the northward-bound freight

His duty discharged he went out on the town
To the taverns and bar-rooms of the wildest renown
Drink numbed his discernment that knew wrong from right
He succumbed when accosted by a girl of the night

He had his misgivings about choosing to roam
By chance he encountered someone from home
On the swift wings of gossip word flew back to Cheyenne
Straight to the to the ears of his sweet Mary Anne

Early next morning he rode out in haste
But no man can outride bad news at full pace
She left him a letter in her graceful hand
Saying, “I will be gone when you return to Cheyenne

Vain fancy and folly proved yourself a man
You kept not your word I’ll find someone who can
Don’t seek and don’t follow do not ask any man
And know that I will never return to Cheyenne

Out west near Missoula she wed her faithful man
A good wife and mother was the fair Mary Anne
She looks out at the mountains as the seasons change
Her ranch-house widows view the Bitterroot Range

She enjoys life and its beauty as much as she anyone can
And seldom or never does she think of Cheyenne
I don’t seek I don’t follow I do not ask any man
I know That she will never return to Cheyenne