Thank You! (free download!)

There's just so much to be thankful for.
I wanna take a chance each morning to remind me of all the kindness you grant me, Lord.
To lift up my eyes unto the skies and just stand in awe;
let my hands applause, and admire how you made everything from nought.
Thank you for each of the little creatures you created,
for the amazing different features you gave each species when you made them;
for the beautiful beaches that we bathe in, the oceans and the seas;
for that refreshing scent that sometimes blows in the breeze.
Coz everywhere I can see how you care for our needs,
like the green leaves in the trees that supply the air that we breathe.
Lord, I was ensnared and asleep till you shared this with me,
it's like I was dead and I was raised to life as soon as I dared to believe!

Oh God you woke me up from a deep sleep, (thank you!)
now there's no way that I could keep, (thank you!)
my mouth from expressing, thanks for all your blesssings (thank you!)
your heavenly caressing has been feeding my soul!

Thank you for the sun and the showers, and the beauty and power
that you've used in the flowers; Wow! I could view these for hours!
Father please allow these musical sounds that proceed through our mouths
to give our thanks for the things with which you choose to endow us.
Coz how in the world could we not be cheering for this?
Without receiving this gift of life, we wouldn't even exist!
And all I need is to list, one by one the things you have done,
and then suddenly, I just start feeling your bliss!


And Father, there's no way I could not give you praise
every day of my life for the grace that you gave
through Jesus Christ, I'm amazed
at the price of the sacrifice that you paid
to save our lives from the pain we create through the way that we choose to behave!
Only through you could I change as long as I choose to obey
Jesus coz he is really the life the truth and the way!
and when I do what you say, I'm truly happy
and I wanna raise my hands and give thanks and praise to you day after day!