Tevilision (free download!)
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Author: jesuschristians.com
Welcome to the pictures, hi!
Nothing's wrong with this transmission, nothing's fictionized!
Just fix your eyes on the screen and let the beams slip you vibes
and hypnotize you!
We know exactly what you need. We'll advise you what to buy soon;
so, sit back watch these ads and just try to
relax! Here, let these facts mezmorize you!
We've devised new ways to utilize your brain
it's no surprise you're wasting your whole life away
the way that we've televised you...
see, you need to believe that without T.V. you're feeling suicidal!
But hey, should you decide to
change... the channel that'll be just fine too!
May I just remind you, to stay all day and keep your eyes glued,
just in case we play something great that in real life you'd
only get to dream about day and night through,
soon we may even incite you coz...
there are some people who need to understand they don't think the right thoughts;
they don't obey us when we say to fight wars,
and see these sort of people need to be just wiped off!
And you seem just right for...
well, let's just say you got the kind of mind we like so...
before we say good-night you are strongly advise to
memorize two things to do; as soon as you arise you'll...
ONE: Let all your friends know how much T.V. excites you
until they all wanna be just like you,
worshipping me, T.V., as a precious idol!
And Two: You will always try to
come back soon and repeat this vicious cycle!