Stand Up For Your Country
© Tommy John Ehman
Author: Tommy John Ehman
Stand Up For Your Country – T. Ehman – copyright 2008

I woke up this morning, looked out my window
Saw a beautiful sunrise, waking the day

A house on the corner, a wife and the kids
Just everyday people, with a little something to give

I don’t want to tell you now, how to live your life
But I know we’re all trying hard, to do what we think is right
And I’m calling all Canadians, to stand up
Stand up for your country.

High on the mountains, down through the valleys
All across the wheat fields, to the heart of the city streets

On a long stretch of highway, a wide open sky
Oh, But we built this land, we built it on hard work,
peace and pride


Come on rise up lift your voices, they’re playing our song
Wrap yourself around the flag and fearlessly hold on

This our land, this is our home
Where we raise our kids and we raise our flag
We sing our song and we sing her praise
Oh, but it’s a little rough,
Yea, a little rough on us these days