© Tommy John Ehman
Author: Tommy John Ehman
Now I grew up in the city
On the crowded avenues and streets
Where there’s a streetlight on every corner
With the concrete the steel and the freaks

Now I buy what I eat at the market
It’s fresh and it’s green and it’s good
But I never take time and I don’t know why
To say thank you but I know I should

Now I don’t know much about tractors
I saw a combine just once on TV
I don’t know much about the land or the wheat
But I, I like to eat; thank you ‘cause I like to eat

I had a cousin who lived in the country
I saw her maybe two times a year
She had a horse and a dog and a cat named Tag
And she’d call me her city boy queer

She’d say her dad won’t be home for a while
Sometimes he has to work so hard
But he’s combining wheat and he’s stuck to the seat
And she’d laugh while I sat in the dark


Now We’ve all heard there ain’t much money
And your wheat ain’t worth the price of a day
And that they subsidize but there’s none on your side
And they’re all tangled up in red tape

So tonight when we sit at the table
I’ll think about you as we do
And I’ll wish you the best and pray hard for the rest
From a city boy sincerely to you