© Tommy John Ehman
Author: Tommy John Ehman
Cowboy Ride Away

I see the valley below me
The sun on high
A river running through, a sweet goodbye
The call of the eagle, the brush and the trees
A west wind blowing in, come to rescue me
Set me free

This is my day my lucky day
Let this pony show me the way
To the lord and the spirit I pray
Cowboy ride away

There’s a chill in the air
On a cool summer night
Every star and a full moon, hear the wolves cry
They tell the stories, and walk on sacred ground
Ghost of a day gone by, but they’re still around
Hey look what I found


This is a little corner of the world
Where horse run wild with the boys and girls
Take your worries and all your cares
Throw them to the wind; forget you’re anywhere