© Tommy John Ehman
Author: Tommy John Ehman
Like Father; Like Son

That old man came from far away
She faithfully followed him all the way
Put down roots and they put down the seed
Raised up a son they say looked like me

With a one-bottom plow and real desire
Out of the earth grew higher and higher
He said someday this’ll be your land
That was my grandpa holding his hand

This my great granddaddy’s land
Gave it to my grandpa and then my dad
And now I’m, the one
Like father, like son

Now we’ve been here almost one hundred years
With our tractors, combines, dirt and tears
Branches grew strong from the family tree
They’ve come and gone and now they reach to me

There’ve been good times there’s been bad
We always came through with more than we had
Stories came down from a long time ago
Passing them on to the people they know


Sometimes I wonder if I should stay
It’s hard to make a living, these days
But the grass is still green and the sky is still blue
Tell me what it’s worth to you
Cause I’ve got something everybody needs
Right here in this fist full of seeds
And there’s a million mouths to feed