© Tommy John Ehman
Author: Tommy John Ehman
My Daddy’s land

I come from out on the grasslands
Where the golden wheat fields grow
Where the boys down in the schoolyard got but one sure way to go
Well I dreamed of somehow taking me and Wendy far away
And we’d leave them dusty wheat fields for my old man and his name

And I went out for the last time, to work my daddy’s land
And I went all night tried to save my soul
‘till the dust blows and I let go, of my daddy’s land

Now I woke up this morning, was sometime after eight
And I got dressed and ready for a job I’ve learned to hate
And Wendy’s in the bathroom with our third one on the way
And I know I’ll be thinking of it sometime soon today


Now the nights grow longer and the days have all gone by
Is there any way to know, if your dreams are still alive

Now Wendy’s on the front porch, but she seems somewhere else
And I’m scared tonight to ask my girl if I can help
‘Cause everything just haunts me, all our promises are gone
I see them golden fields blow somewhere out there and I was wrong