© Tommy John Ehman
Author: Tommy John Ehman

Out on the fields the summer wind blows
Turning the soil where golden wheat grows
A truckload of steel and ten tons of steel
From sun up ‘till sundown, lean on the wheel

A red-tailed hawk flies high overhead
Dust through the sunset of fiery red
Ride to the end of a good long day
The seeds in the ground and grow where they lay

Seeds of the heart, seeds of the land
These are the seeds that I hold in my hand these are the seeds
The seeds of my brother, seeds of my wife
These are the children, the seeds of life these are the seeds

Up through the ground they cover with green
The seeds are alive, they move and they breathe
Reach to the sky for the sun and the rain
From green into gold, the seed into grain

Well, this is my life this is our way
We’re betting it all on blind love and faith
Just one for my family and one for the lord
I’ve had my share but I’ll take one more


Now I hear the rain upon my roof
You may not believe, but I’ve got proof
We’re counting on a miracle to carry us through
We’ve got the seeds, we’ll share with you