© Steve Smith & Michael Duran
Author: Steve Smith & Michael Duran
Lyrics by Steve Smith


Exactly when it happened
Escaped your notice, no doubt
You could be forgiven for wondering
What the fuss is all about
Did someone start it off
Or did it happen on its own?
You can't still be on the pulse
Otherwise you would have known
Is it idle speculation, nothing more?
But one that could prove fatal to ignore

I was shaken by the sudden,
savage nature of it all
And I didn't see the warnings
Or the writing on the wall
You're considering your future
While they're digging up your past
The one question remaining is
Just how long can it last?
It was just miscommunication, nothing more.
And I kick myself for missing it before.

Once you've grown accustomed
To being of the chosen few.
You will wake one bitter morning
To find you're yesterday's news.
And the jokes that you once told,
golden boy with feet of clay.
Behind hands are aimed at you,
as they cheer you on your way.
Oh, it's just natural selection, after all.
I just didn't think I'd be the one they'd call.