Where Do We Go From Here?
© Steve Smith / Michael Duran
Author: Steve Smith / Michael Duran
Lyrics by Steve Smith
When she turned to look at me, that day
After the end of the war
As we tried to lick our wounds and
Put things back how they were before.
She didn't speak but I knew her
Well enough to know, I said
"You think something's different, don't you"?
But she said "No,

It's not something, Wal,
It's not just something -
Everything's changed.
You can't walk through that fire
And expect to come out unscathed

So where do we go from here?

Living for the struggle so long,
Was it worth the cost?
We made this useless vacuum,
And OK we won, but now we're lost."
I said "Kuk, we're not trapped in the past
Like some hapless wanderer,
The rights and wrongs haven't changed it's just
We're no longer who we were.

Because tomorrow a new sun rises
Freshly laundered in the East
And there's a long straight road ahead of us -
Who knows where it leads

So where do we go from here?

And one thing we'll discover
Is how this story ends -
Is it hand in hand as lovers
Or separate ways as friends...?

Where do we go from here?