Fahrenheit 451
Author: Brock / Calvert
In Lexington they're going to burn

the Library of Congress for charity

Round its funeral pyre the flames will churn

As night and winter's darkness spurn

And threaten with their clarity


See the flames they're burning up

Burning so bright, it's Fahrenheit....it's called


Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451

The fun has just begun


Oh see the pages all catching fire

see the building shimmering now

It was like this when witches reared

against the stake, we stood and peered

At such Aladdin's caves of air

Oh I wish you could have seen us there

spreading all around that funeral pyre

watching the flames burn higher and higher

[Repeat Chorus]

Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451

The burning has just begun

It's like a mushroom cloud or the sun


The fire's fierce theatre draws herds of folk

all willing to be hypnotised

Anemones of flames and smoke

enchant us so we gladly choke

on Fahrenheit 451