© Tom Byrne
Author: Tom Byrne
The first thing that you find
When stepping out
Is that no amount
Of experience
Of life before you
Went through that doorway
Can tell
You how
The world will seem
Or what it will mean
To you
Or ill
You've cleansed perception
And entered heaven or hell.

When you step from the eye of the cyclone
You are standing all alone in the storm
When you step from a linear time zone
All the minutes seem days
When you're looking for ways
To return
Back home
You hope you can learn
To find
Some peace from the storm.

The worst change that your mind
Can undergo will be not to know the difference
Between earthly things
And what chaos brings from the storm
That now
Has sprung your vision from kindly prison
From warm
To trauma
Find the fetters to bind you back to the norm

Like a rock I'll stand against the furies of the storm
Let the eddies taunt in vain
I'll never come to harm