Whole Story
© 2014
Author: Jerry Stevens
Whole Story c2014 Jerry Stevens

Give me the whole story
I can’t use just your favorite part I want the whole story
A crucial omission just gonna break my heart I got to have it
All the way to the end way back from the start tryin ta find the whole lookin for
I can’t get to the treasure with just a piece of the chart
I want it the whole story

Half of the story
Might as well be none
There ain’t nothin new
Nowhere out here under the sun
Current won’t flow
With just half connection
Can’t get the whole picture if the picture has been undone

I want all the ups and the downs along with the turnarounds
The haves and the have nots each and every smile and frown
Success and the failure humility and the greed
The well fed and the hungry and all their fruits and seeds

The whole enchilada the complete ball of wax
The myriad of circumstance and every single fact
Genesis to revelation from beginning to the end
Coals of fire pon enemies and laughter among friends