May I have This Dance
© c 2015 Jerry Stevens
Author: Jerry Stevens
May I Have This Dance c2015 Jerry Stevens

aint no tellin what might happen
movin across the room and wonderin
courage is on the tip of my toungue
heart thumpin and poundin and thunderin

the fact im standing here means at least i got some sense
im in the perfect mood for an ideal romance
How did I get so lucky to come upon such a rare sweet chance
may i have this dance?

easy chairs are a thing of the past
if you think its easy go on have a blast
it might be good to be lazy but I found out lonely dont last
Im winding and Im weaving but Im closing in fast

is that all i got to do is just walk over there?
i know that im able to
maneuver tables and chairs
Im gonna get me pointed in the right direction
along the lineage of a classic solution