© 1996
Author: Jerry Stevens, Philip White
Damage [J. Stevens, P. White] Jerry and Philipidon on vocals

Jerry: forgiveness is in the forgiving/ it's alright alright life is for living

Philip: blessed is the man who can forgive/ longer the life the man shall live now sometimes we have to forget,/ you know reality, never neglect the past

Jerry: some people are preaching ideas with which I may not agree/ because they want the world to be the way they think it should be/ but when I hear the judgement passing and singling out /I'm wondering if they're living the life they're preaching about/ to be living up is difficult enough/ to be pulling people down makes it prohibitively rough/ may the words ring true in the songs we sing /but in my heart I pray we're not gonna bring any

[chorus] damage from the stones thrown by the people living in the plate glass homes/ I feel the pain but it's alright /rain but it's alright/ pain but it's alright

Philip: rain down thunderstorm and cool the warm/ 'cause we coming just like a charm/ flinging rockstone after me once again/ it's like inna de brain me seh me catch a migrain /using up the crack heroin and cocain/ come inna de dance and you wan give me the blame/ don't you know a man a seh you acting very lame/ come inna de session and you a get a shame/ goosey goosey gander why you acting so strange/ it's like inna you brain man you get rearrange/ so me naw go look go seek me naw go deal with damage/ naw go look go seek me naw go deal with damage

Jerry: to trod a righteous path takes nerve/ but to be minding one's business might make it easier /one man's treasure could be another man's trash /one man's pleasure could be another man's clash /the whole world won't cater to one point of view/ that's why I cannot dictate the path another must choose/ our fates are not set our future's not sealed/ and even though I understand sometimes I feel [chorus]

Philip: you live inna glass house then you don't throw stones/ sticks and stones may break my bones names will make a giant moan /fling low blows, box off your own toe heavily /on your mind or on your face heavy nose /do you smell the fragrance of a perfumy rose /or do you sniff the odor of a rotten mango/ weigh yourself down with you own problem/ 99% of the time is only you creating them/ be responsible for the errors that you make/ instead of coming after me with the fullest of blame/ 96 degrees it coulda be inna de shade /real hot then cool off with some lemonade /rustle the leaves shoot the breeze roots will flog you from the trees of life that you ignore/ rough up mother nature and you bound fe feel sore /no more whirlwind of damage I saw the rain and it pours/ seek a path I pray more safe and secure