Over and Over
© 1993
Author: Jerry Stevens (lyrics and music), R. Allen (lyrics
Over and Over Lyrics and music by Jerry Chat by Jah Lightfoot

Jerry: When the greed is overcomin the need to feed /And some people forget how to read it may become necessary to drop some seeds /Good words may beget the good deed/ Though the road to hell is paved with good intention/ The need to feed is the father of invention/ Within every creed a stronghold of dissention/ May the diplomat survive

[chrus] Oh, I do what I got to do/ Say what I gotta say /Over and over /Give thanks for another day

Gugliemo Marconi was a man I admire /He put a big band in a box A peace talk in a wire/ Countless millions of souls inspired by a simple electric invention/ People listen to the news on the government show /Then dial up a different story on the same radio/ Which goes to show not every one will bestow their positive intention

Jah lightfoot: I woke up this mornin what did I see /Jah Rastafari comin for me/ I woke up this mornin what did I see/ Sallasie and his angels comin for me/ Mi hafe cry Jah /mi hafe love Jah /Mi hafe bawl out Lordy JahleilieuJah/ He give me mi life he give me the energy/ He teach me bout the roots and reality/ He made up the birds and he made all the bees/ I woke up this mornin what did I see /Jah Rastafari comin for me

Jerry: People don't need a hero to come play the part/ The only real hero lives deep in their hearts /Take a look at the artwork to see how they do/ Feel how the heart works when the message comes through/ The heart works like art works in various ways/ The artist departs the artistry stays /The hero dies off the common man prays the artistry of the heart survives