Heat from the Kitchen
© 1995 finegrind music BMI
Author: Jerry Stevens
heat from the kitchen
(J. Stevens)

james and susan cruising on a level with
a fever that burned
they just couldn’t miss
steal another kiss
every time they took another turn
giving their best getting no rest
blessed with a youth so wild
so easy to be careless and free
it was a perfect recipe for a child
experience so enriching
owing it all complete to the
heat from the kitchen

mr. oppenheimer and mr. einstein
were enquiring minds so enclined
with a pencil and a pad in a lab
on a mission
to unlock the secrets of nuclear fission
time had come to choose up sides
mr. oppenheimer helped mr. truman decide
to explain to hirohito’s gang
straight up about the big bang
story became the truth no longer fiction
playing with the heart of the fire
heat from the kitchen

I don’t know if anybody’s thinking about their mom when they’re making love
or dropping a bomb
but I know it raises my level of care
to burn my fingers on a railroad flare
playing with fire don’t you know
it’s a lesson to learn it’s a chance to grow
everybody’s gonna get their turn
to put their hand in the oven
and bring it back burned
joy in this life is a welcome addition
giving up a healthy respect for the
heat from the kitchen