Soul Raggamuffin
© 1995 finegrind music BMI
Author: c 1995 J. Stevens, S. Aaron, P. White, M. Firoozi
soul raggamuffin
(J. Stevens, S. Aaron, P. White, M. Firoozi)
jerry, choctaw, philipidon, and mohammad on vocals
jerry on violin
drum tracks by casanova

this is the raggamuffin
soul raggamuffin

mi nah deal wit leprechaun an dem
kinda ting
mi nah bodda pinch ya if ya nah wear green
history and wisdom is my weapon
so I give ya celtic music inna strict rub a dub

goin way back long before stonehenge
‘nuf celtic man wear ‘nuff natty dread
and the magic of the druids known throughout the land
listen to me good I’m beggin you to all overstand
the anglo-saxon a push right through
raping and pillaging the celtic roots
this is nothin but the doggone truth
so I and I spread it to the raggamuffin youth

God made Eve and he made also Adam
God made all of us as a human
fe come in a de dance and a live it as one
God made de man also de woman

holdin on we holdin on this life
holdin on we holdin on this light
‘cause you know jah jah’s got we soun'
you know he’s gonna make it alright

ah me seh love we a deal, love we a deal
Lawd you know we got the real loving feel
love we a deal we nuh come ya fe steal
Lawd we get me seh love appeal
come a Daddy Philip at the mic in time
when we come a dance on the mountain climb
reach a highest heights where the sun it ha fe shine
feel la la la la la la la loving sublime
love we a deal raggamuffin plus
dis ya raggamuffin sound bound ha fe rock

I hear the sound coming from the ocean
like the sounds of seagulls
watching the dances of fish
it tells me that life is short
give love
give love as long as you live
have faith in love
until the last breath
die for love
burn like the candle
to give the butterfly the light
my dearest, come here
I want to sing you a song
a song for white
a song for black
a song for all colors
a song for the bird in the sky
a song for the fish in the ocean
a song for broken hearts
a song for starving people
I want to burn like a candle
to give my love for the butterfly