Glory To God In The Highest
© 1999
Author: Jeffery Michael Wilhoit
Glory To God In The Highest

First Verse
The night was dark, stars were shining as shepherds watched their sheep
Like so many other nights before
All at once, there before them, they were surprised to see
An angel, an angel of the Lord

He told them good news, a Savior had been born
Then a multitude from Heaven began to praise the Lord

They said "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will toward men"
They said "Glory to God in the highest," this is where we must begin

Second Verse
The cry for peace still is ringing all across the land
But all too seldom is it ever seen
Good will toward men is like a candle that is glowing dim
Sometimes it's almost impossible to see

Could it be that we've forgotten what was said
By the multitude from Heaven, let's listen again

Repeat Chorus

Until each one of us gives all glory to the Lord
We will never love each other the way we know we should

Repeat Chorus: Let's give glory...